Art Deco Jadeite Necklace- A Lesson in Appraising Jade

June 22nd, 2010 by James L. Sweaney, CGA, FGA. GG
Art Deco Jadeite Necklace

Art Deco Jadeite Necklace

We've been working on an insurance appraisal for this wonderful platinum necklace with diamonds and jadeite from the 1920's and realized the piece has a lot to teach about grading and valuing jade.

Jade is not well understood by many folks. If I told you that jade can be one of the most expensive of all gemstones, you would probably be surprised– some pieces sell for well into six figures. Even jewelers who really know their way around the faceted stones have a hard time with jade, so we don't often see really good jade like this necklace.

Jade is actually two different minerals.

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One Response to “Art Deco Jadeite Necklace- A Lesson in Appraising Jade”

  1. Jeff Mason, G.G. Says:

    I think your piece is excellent! I wish more people understood jadeite as you obviously do. You provide a very good description of quality components for jadeite. The only criticism I might have would be the fact that although you reference color, you may not have stressed the importance of color enough as it relates to quality and of course, value. Having been in the jade business for over 25 years myself (and 34 years as a company) I always try to communicate that like in almost all other colored stones, while texture and especially translucency are important in jadeite, ‘color is king’… Still, a great blog post!
    Jeff Mason, Mason-Kay, Inc.

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