Vintage Pop-out Coin Pendant

December 9th, 2018 by James L. Sweaney, CGA, FGA. GG

Repousse Morgan Silver Dollar with Miss Liberty

Repousse coins, also known as pop-out coins, are a novelty item made from actual minted coins. The process to make these was first patented in the US in 1902. Coins as small as a dime have been “popped-out.” Various presidents and celebrities have been memorialized this way, but the most popular subject has always been “Miss Liberty”.

This particular one was made from a 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar. It is set in a 14K yellow gold bezel that’s encircled by 24 Akoya cultured pearls.

Repousse is a traditional jewelry making technique where flat metal is worked from the reverse side into relief (3D) designs. This piece was created with hub and die method.

Master Hub on the left, Master Die on the right

A hub has a positive or relief (raised) image of a design on the end of a steel rod. The hub begins as a plaster sculpture about 8 to 12 inches in diameter, from which a Master Hub is created in steel. A special process reduces the image to the actual size needed and carves it into the steel. The Master Hub, which bears the relief image of the design, is then copied onto a Master Die (which bears the negative or sunken image of the design).

This silver dollar was pressed into the Master Die with a steel tool pushing from the back, using a press that can generate over 10,000 pounds per square inch of pressure!

Reverse view, showing tool impression

You can see from this side view just how far the silver is “popped out”– in this case, almost 1/2 inch!

Side View

This particular piece is beautifully sculpted. Miss Liberty’s gaze seems to follow you as you view the piece from side to side. She’s truly a masterpiece of the tool and die maker’s art!




45 degree view from left

45 degree view from right

How many individuals has this serene face greeted? We should thank our friends in France again for this beautiful lady– she’s a shining symbol of our American way of life!

You’ll be able to see Miss Liberty in the estate department along with many other interesting and unusual vintage items at Mardon Jewelers, Canyon Crest Towne Centre, 5225 Canyon Crest Dr, Riverside, CA, 92507. Enter the main parking lot on Central–we’re the first shop to the left of the Rite Aid drugstore in the center parking lot. We’re open 7 days a week from now til Christmas, 10 – 5:30 Sunday thru Thursday, 10 – 8 Friday and Saturday.

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