More precious than Gold

June 14th, 2019 by James L. Sweaney, CGA, FGA. GG
Cloisonne Enameled Pendant, pure silver, 24K cloisonne wire, 14K bezel and setting, by Magick, a noted California artist/enamelist

Fine jewelry, made of precious metals and gems, can be very expensive. We often focus on the dollar value of the item rather than the real personal values conveyed by the jewel. Some things though, are more precious than gold.

We had a wonderful experience with a new client who purchased this fine cloisonne enameled 14K gold pendant. Vicky came into the store, began browsing thru our jewelry displays. She was admiring our collection of fine enamels by Magick, when she zeroed in on this Hummingbird pendant. She purchased it right away and then me told what it meant to her.

Her beloved sister, who died recently after battling cancer, had always loved hummingbirds. She fed them constantly with numerous feeders in her back yard. During the memorial service at the cemetery, while Vicky was eulogizing her lost sister, a hummingbird had flown down and hovered over the flowers on the casket. So now, Vicky wears a very special hummingbird next to her heart to remind her daily of her loved one. This hummingbird pendant can be passed down thru the generations of this family, beautiful in its own right, but completed by it’s intriguing story.

It requires high levels of skill, artistry and patience to create the heirloom quality you see in this pendant. Because they are made from precious metals and high quality enamels, enameled jewels like this will last as long as you take reasonable care of them.

Stop by to see our collection of fine enamels by Magick as well as the fine enameled pieced featured in our famous Riverside Raincross collection. We also have vintage enameled piece occasionally in our Estate Department.

Mardon is open 10 am to 5:30 pm, Tuesday thru Saturday. We’re located next to the Rite Aid drugstore in the Canyon Crest Shopping Centre. It’s easiest to find us by entering the centre thru the main entrance on Central Avenue. Our phone is 951 682-2325

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