We Buy Estate Jewelry– and How!

September 26th, 2009 by James L. Sweaney, CGA, FGA. GG
14K enameled gold pin, a la Cartier

14K enameled gold pin, a la Cartier

Here are a few selections from a large and interesting collection of quality estate jewelry we purchased recently. Most of the items are modern period, many from Europe like this enameled tiger that evokes the pieces Cartier made famous during the 40's and 50's. 6.7 grams of 14k gold with diamond eyes, priced to sell at $195

Tutti Ring

Tutti-frutti 18K ring

Grand Tutti-frutti style ring, probably French, set with cabochon sapphires, turquoises, and ~ 1 ct of brilliant cut diamonds, weighing 15.2 grams of 18K gold (~1/2 oz!)- a bargain @ $1295

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2 Responses to “We Buy Estate Jewelry– and How!”

  1. Will Cunningham Says:

    Hi. I’m seeing the price of silver going up and contacting a few places to try and find out what my tea set is worth and most likely sell it. It’s a Reed and Barton 4 Piece in Georgian Rose. It weights around 82 ounces, which converts to around 74 troy ounces. So right now it’s weight in silver is a little over $2500. I have attached a picture of an itendical set I found on the web. If interested I could get a camera and take more pictures. All pieces are 92.5 sterling silver and in perfect condition, just need some polishing. Thanks.

    Will Cunningham

  2. James L. Sweaney, CGA, FGA. GG Says:

    Looks like you’ve done some good research. We buy mainly jewelry items, mostly gold, so wouldn’t be interested now.

    Unless there is some factor for rarity, your item must compete with other similar items on the market. In selling anything like this, the real questions are what is the least you will take for the item, what effort will you put into selling it, and what is the best market in light of the first two questions. For a quick turn, you can sell directly to a refiner– they will pay about 90% of the spot value of the silver content– but its a pity to melt something like this.

    Selling to someone in the estate buying business– they will probably only pay what the refiner would, or even a bit less to cover their expenses. That leaves markets like Ebay, etc., or other markets to private parties. Again, depends on your effort and the exposure you can give in marketing it yourself. Not a lot of demand for items like this– our much more casual lifestyles means less use of tea sets!

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