The Creative Process in Us All

June 27th, 2014 by James L. Sweaney, CGA, FGA. GG

Wolf Paw ring

The creative process is one of the things that makes us human. All of us have creative impulses and abilities. From the raw data of our senses and our life experiences, our minds build ideas based on thought, image, and emotion. We use these ideas in our daily life for such mundane things as everyday speech, signing our name, or making a sandwich. We express them more permanently through literature, art and music. At Mardon, we’re privileged to participate in the ideas and creations of our clients.

Recently, daughter Jenny worked with Fabian to create this unusual and striking custom ring. Fabian’s idea was to make a silver pinky ring in the image of a wolf paw print. At the Tucson Gem Shows, Jenny and husband Scott had purchased some very beautiful Oregon Sunstones and a nice group of 4 matching rainbow moonstones. It was a natural transition to use these interesting gems to represent the pads of the paw– the creative process in action.

The creative process often involves problem solving– in this case, fitting the various physical elements to the concept. This CAD design was especially challenging because the ring was to be a size 5 for the pinky but had to be big enough to be proportionate to the gemstones.

Paw & dime_edited-1Down the finger_edited-1

As a nice touch, Jenny and Fabian decorated this impressive ring with symbols of moon and sun.


Moon & Sun

Moon & Sun

At Mardon, our custom design team will help you realize your creative ideas into something unique and special that is yours alone. Stop by our shop or email us with your idea– we’ll translate your concept into reality.

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