Reader’s Choice 2018

September 1st, 2018 by James L. Sweaney, CGA, FGA. GG

Results are in for the 2018 Reader’s Choice Survey by the Riverside Press Enterprise. Thank you, our loyal fans and supporters — You’ve done it again! Mardon Jewelers has been voted the Best Jeweler of the Inland Empire for the Tenth Year in a Row!

This last year has been a time of growth and change at Mardon. We just celebrated our second year in the new shop at Canyon Crest Towne Centre. Our customers love the new location with it’s easy access and parking (enter from Central Ave), and beautiful spacious shopping environment. If you haven’t been to the new Mardon, please come by– you’ll find the same friendly and informative faces, comfortable no pressure atmosphere, and our unique blend of one of a kind and custom jewelry, estate jewelry, and of course, the famous Raincross Collection.

In May 2017, Stephanie Holcomb became a member of our Mardon team. She’s a local gal with lots of personality and great people skills. Stephanie is working with Jenny to manage our social media outreach, and she’s an avid student of gems and jewelry. Please stop by and say hello– Stephanie has a great eye for style and always seems to find just the right piece for her customers.

Diamonds are in the news. Recent scientific discoveries are giving us new insight into the origin of diamonds. One study indicates that the ultra rare natural color blue diamonds containing boron are found in oceanic rocks that have been carried by tectonic movement 400 miles deep into the heart of the earth. Most natural diamonds form at half that depth. In light of this research, Gems and Gemology, the scientific journal of GIA, published a major article, Summer 2018, explaining the causes of color in blue diamonds.

Advances in technology have it feasible to produce laboratory-grown diamonds that are large enough to be faceted. Laboratory-grown diamonds do have a lot to offer the consumer. Their physical characteristics are the same as natural diamonds, so they can be just as sparkly and durable. They are not inexpensive – prices are currently about one third to one half the price of natural diamonds. Traditional jewelry stores are carrying them. One of our biggest suppliers, Stuller, has announced that they will produce laboratory-grown diamonds, so you can order these diamonds at Mardon.

The caveat is that buyers should be aware that because this is a very new product, prices are still in flux. Rarity isn’t part of the value equation of laboratory grown diamonds. Since these laboratory-grown diamonds can be produced efficiently, there isn’t a limit on how many can be produced. More production could easily create an oversupply with resulting price drops, so we recommend that buyers educate themselves thoroughly before buying.

Also, consumers should be aware that these diamonds are being marketed as eco-friendly diamonds via the internet under many names and brands. Laboratory-grown diamonds are created in a factory setting using fossil fuels to produce the high levels of electricity needed to synthesize carbon into diamond. The process requires huge amounts of heat and high temperatures for several months. The Jewelers Vigilance Council, a nonprofit consumer advocacy group, has called upon producers of laboratory-grown diamond to substantiate “eco-friendly” claims, but no evidence has been produced.

As always, Mardon strives to bring you the best values in fine jewelry and the most current and accurate information about jewelry and gems. Thanks again for your Reader’s Choice vote as the Best Jeweler in the Inland Empire– We’ll do our best in the coming year to live up to your expectations.

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