Peridot- the “I don’t like my birthstone” Birthstone, Part 3

August 29th, 2009 by James L. Sweaney, CGA, FGA. GG
5.69 ct. Burma Peridot

5.69 ct. Burma Peridot

A couple of years ago, a local attorney’s wife was in our store, browsing some colored stone jewelry in the estate case. I asked if she had any favorite gemstones– “none in particular”– so I asked about her birthstone.  She replied “Oh, I don’t like my birthstone, it’s peridot.”

I had just purchased a small parcel of three particularly fine Burma peridots, so I chose one to show her, asked her to hold out her hand, then gently placed the peridot onto her closed fingers. Talk about Wow! She was ecstatic about the gem, it’s clarity and sparkle, it’s beautiful soft green color. She was truly impressed and kept commenting that she couldn’t believe that she loved her birthstone.

I showed her a few classic mountings that would show the stone beautifully, and she chose a simple three stone style, with just a touch of diamonds for accent.

We filled out a Wish List card for her, detailing that very stone and her choice of mounting, ring size, etc. Her husband had previously done business with us, so I gave him a call and told him about her reaction to the gem- he was excited because he had been mulling over what to get her for her upcoming birthday. He came by, saw and liked the stone and the price–our Wish List made it so easy for him that he gave us the order shortly thereafter.

My client was surprised and delighted when I recently reappraised the ring for about 50% more than he paid for it several years ago. I had purchased the gem for a really great price and had passed the bargain on to him, but when reappraising for insurance coverage, we must look at the current market.  Our intrepid peridot had appreciated substantially in just a couple of years.

His wife absolutely loves her ring.  I think many people just haven’t had to opportunity to see fine quality peridots– many jewelers don’t really appreciate the gem and stock it only in commercial qualities.  Add the fact that peridot is never treated or enhanced to its other virtues, including its bright color, sparkle, clarity, good size, and reasonable cost, and you have a real winner!

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