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June 1st, 2018 by James L. Sweaney, CGA, FGA. GG

Color Change Garnet in Custom 14K Yellow Gold Ring

Recent custom pieces by Mardon show off some reasons why people have us make custom jewelry.

We made this snake ring set with a rare gem for a long time client who has a taste for Asian art. We made her a custom diamond ring several years ago that featured Asian style dragons on both sides of a very nice round diamond. This new piece features a serpent wrapped around a rare color change garnet from Africa.

Color change garnets have been mined in Tanzania, Madagascar and Sri Lanka since the 1980’s. Production has been mostly small stones– this 1.20 ct gem is large for the type. They are a variety of Pyrope Garnet. According to one mineralogist, they are mix of 80% Pyrope, 10% Spessartine, and 10% Almandine. Like the alexandrite, they have the rare property of appearing red to pink in incandescent light and blue green in daylight. Our client has become intrigued by some of the rare gems we feature in our shop, and wanted something very unusual. She was delighted with her new ring.

Unusual Opal Doublet in Custom 14K White Gold Ring

This unusual opal ring was made featuring a high quality opal doublet from a yellow gold ring that our client had worn for years. It was a favorite but she wanted it in white gold. The stone had acquired scratches and dings, so we had it repolished before making the new ring. The new ring shows off the unusual shape of the gem and accents the color of the opal with the sparkle of white diamonds

Art Deco-inspired Custom Ring with Sapphires and Diamon

This unique design is based on a vintage Art Deco ring collected by our client who buys and sells vintage jewelry. She loved the design, but wanted something in white gold that would be good for everyday wear. Our CAD wizard, Jenny, worked with her to develop this great looking white gold ring set with diamonds and blue sapphires. Simply stunning!

Tsavorite Garnet & Diamonds in 14K Gold Pendant with Abalone Shell Texture

This intriguing pendant was made for a couple who’ve traveled extensively and had bought the pear shaped Tsavorite garnet on one of their trips. The owner brought us a sketch of his design. The tricky part was that he wanted a textured surface around the stones that is reminiscent of the surface inside an abalone shell.

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