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Raincross Mini

Our newest design is the small but mighty Raincross Mini, a subtle and affordable stud earring.

Raincross Mini Earrings

Star of Riverside

One of our most intricate designs is the fabulous Star of Riverside, a beautiful celebration of Riversise and the Raincross.

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Small Pendant
Large Pendant

Raincross Band Ring

Our customizable Band Rings are perfect for anyone who loves the Raincross!

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Stone Finish Band
Satin Finish Band
Lady's Diamond Band
Men's Diamond Band

Filigree Raincross

The Filigree style has an old-fashioned look, using outline and negative space to show the Raincross in a unique fashion.

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Stud Earrings
Dangle Earrings

Lavalier Raincross

The Lavalier is a romantic, old-world style that can easily be customized with a gemstone of your choice.

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Small Pendant, Plain
Small Pendant with Pearl
Large Pendant, Plain
Large Pendant with Pearl
Pearl Earrings

Sunrise Cross

The Sunrise style is based on a cross that can be seen atop the southeast corner of the Mission Inn.

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Small Diamond Pendant
Large Diamond Pendant

Jim's Special Raincross

Jim’s Special was originally a custom style, designed to be more durable and realistic. It turned out to be just what a number of people were looking for, and we now produce it regularly.

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City Hall Raincross

The City Hall style is based on the Raincross that can be seen all over downtown Riverside.

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Plain Tie Tack / Lapel Pin
Diamond Tie Tack / Lapel Pin