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Precious Portraits - Custom Photo Jewelry

Click on an image to see it come to life in jewelry form!

Thanks to the miracles of computer technology and the prodigious talent of our design team, Mardon is pleased to offer a memorable new type of jewelry. The Precious Portrait allows us to capture your photos directly in metal, creating a durable and unique keepsake that can usually be ready in just two weeks. The most popular type so far has been the pendant, but we can also make rings, keychains, pins, or anything else you'd like. Starting at just $495, it's a great gift for any occasion. Getting started is easy!

First, select a good photograph of something in your life you’d like to preserve - a loved one, favorite pet, special moments of that trip to Italy, or whatever makes you smile or cry. The requirements for the photo are simple:

The next step is to create the portrait design. You’ll work with the professional designers of Mardon to select:

Once all the details have been determined, Mardon will provide you with a graphic rendering of the design for your approval. Revisions to the basic design are easy and are generally made at this stage.

After you’ve approved the graphic design, we’ll create and show you the wax model that will be used to cast your portrait in precious metal. When you see the wax model, you can really get a good feel for the size and look of the finished piece.

Once you approve the design and wax, we’ll cast and finish your Portrait promptly!

Ready to start the process? Contact us today!