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Colored Stone Rings

If you've got ten fingers, why not use them? We have a wide variety of ring styles available for you to choose from. Some come from our designer lines, perfect for a matching bracelet or necklace set. Many of our rings are made in-house and can't be found anywhere else. We also have a number of antique and estate rings, offering styles that you won't see in most modern jewelry.

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Put Some Color In Your Life

There are a dazzling variety of colored gemstones available in every hue of the rainbow. Tradition says that you should wear your birthstone in jewelry, but we feel that finding something that you truly love is the most important consideration. The Gemologists at Mardon have a real passion for colored stones, and we really enjoying working with beautiful pieces!

We will happily size any of our rings for your finger, although certain styles need to be custom-made to fit. Many of the pieces listed here are available in other metals or with different stones, so please ask us if you have any questions!