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How We Measure Dimensions

Since the metric system is still not our primary way of measuring distances in the US, it can be difficult to visualize how large things are when they're described in millimeter sizes. Unfortunately, inches just don't offer enough precision for relatively small objects. Often the easiest way to do a conversion is to look at a ruler that shows both systems side by side! For a quick comparison, one inch is equal to about 25.5mm.

The ruler shown here may not be actual size on your display!

When dimensions are given for jewelry on this site, the listed height refers to different things depending on the type of the piece. Click an image to see a larger view of how the measurement is done.

Stud Earring Some items are very straightforward, such as stud earrings. Measurements are given from top to botttom and side to side. Loose gemstones have three dimensions given - length, width, and depth.

Pendant Many pendants feature a bail, the loop on top that the chain passes through. If this is the case, the given measurement includes the height of the bail.

Leverback Leverback and dangle earrings are measured from their highest point. The listed height should give you an idea how far down they will hang.

Ring Because they are often tapered, most rings will have two measurements listed. The first number indicates the width at the top of the ring, and the second refers to the width of the “shank” or bottom of the ring. If only one number is given, it means the ring has the same width all the way around.