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Because everyone prefers a different type of chain, many of our pendants are priced by themselves. We offer a 20% discount on any chain purchased online, which will be automatically deducted from the prices listed below. We also have a number of different styles not shown here. If you'd like more information about a specific chain or are looking for something in particular, please let us know how we can help you.

14k Yellow | 14k White | Sterling Silver

14kw Spiga Chain A rope chain great for smaller pendants, the 14k white spiga is 0.9mm thick.

16 inch - $325

18 inch - $350

20 inch - $375

24 inch - $450

Heavy Spiga
14kw Heavy Spiga Chain The heavier version is 1.5mm thick. Smaller pendants may not fit!

16 inch - $725

18 inch - $795

20 inch - $850

Heavy Box
14kw Heavy Box Chain This 14k white gold chain is 1.1mm thick and offers a very attractive look.

16 inch - $475

18 inch - $525

20 inch - $575

Light Box
14kw Light Box Chain Also in 14k white gold, the 0.9mm wide chain goes well with smaller pendants.

16 inch - $325

18 inch - $360

20 inch - $395