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October 17th, 2009 by James L. Sweaney, CGA, FGA. GG
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Last week, the thought occurred to me that it was time to do an anniversary blog– looking back thru the archive, turns out I had missed the anniversary by a month– our first blog was posted September 18, 2008!

We started the Mardon blog with the mission of consumer protection and education. The focus of our blog has been and will continue to be beauty and useful information.

We want our clients to know and appreciate fine gemstones and to understand what goes into creating beautiful jewelry. We try to alert them with useful information about pitfalls they may encounter as consumers, such as the recent gold buying scams that have sprung up like poison mushrooms.

Still in love with this absolutely fascinating business after almost 40 years of making, buying and selling gems and jewelry, we want to share the good news! The blog showcases our beautiful and unique inventory and highlights our expert skills.

Pigeon's Blood Ring
Fabulous Pigeon's Blood Ruby

Our in-depth articles about evaluating the quality of fine gems, such as the 3 part series on Pigeon's Blood ruby and the 4 part series on Blue Sapphire, provide detailed and specific information that will save you lots of dollars if you're in the market for these rare and expensive gems. In fact, our Gallery of Gems, along with our proprietary grading reports on our colored gemstone inventory, features a mini-course on quality grading of gemstones- for Free!

We've written information about buying diamonds the wrong way and buying jewelry insurance the right way.

As dedicated gemologists, we've shared some of our hard won lessons about gems, as in our Jeweler's Tears series, and illustrated our skills in rejuvenating much loved gemstones, like the beautiful Muzo emerald from Colombia that my wife Kaye wears.

Kaye's Ring2
Resurrected Colombian Emerald

We've shown the progress of many of our custom design projects, like this gorgeous Padparadscha Sapphire Ring and intricate Emerald Ring crafted with our state of the art CAD/CAM system.

Diamond and Padparadscha Filigree Ring

Diamond and Padparadscha Filigree Ring


Emerald Inlay Ring

We love antique jewelry and are privileged to feature absolutely wonderful pieces like this Meiji period bracelet from Japan with it's exquisite Frog Boatman. Since we are active buyers of jewelry estates large and small, and know how to offer fair prices for your jewelry, we see many items of estate jewelry annually.


The Frog Boatman

We've provided timely news about the gem and jewelry industry, like our articles about last summer's world record prices for gems, very unexpected considering the state of the world's economy.

Looking ahead, we'll continue our Gemstone of the Month feature and carry forward our focus on beautiful jewelry, useful information and timely news. Look for announcements of Mardon happenings and events — our Silver Restoration Clinic is coming up in November.

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