Mission Inn Macaws at Mardon

November 20th, 2009 by James L. Sweaney, CGA, FGA. GG
Kaye meets Napoleon

Kaye meets Napoleon

Kaye Sweaney, co-owner of Mardon Jewelers, loves birds and was thrilled to met Napoleon II, the blue and gold macaw and his buddy Joseph II, the scarlet macaw. Bird aficionado and handler Ron Tallent takes the birds on periodic walks about the newly renovated Main Street Mall.

Mischievous Napoleon and mellow Joseph can be seen in their new cage next to the main entrance to the hotel, where they dine on gourmet food from the Inn and bask in the warm California sun. Stop by and say hello!

Frank Miller, builder of the Mission Inn and entrepreneur¬† extraordinaire, was famous for his pet macaws, Joseph and Napoleon, who were longtime residents at the Inn. A notable picture you can see at the Mission Inn Museum shows Miller’s son-in-law, DeWitt Hutchings visiting with Amelia Earhart and macaws. Various renditions of the macaws are seen in all sorts of Mission Inn art and memorabilia.

The owners of the Inn, Duane and Kelly Roberts, found these two young hand raised macaws at our local Magnolia Bird Farm. They are identical to the original Napoleon and Joseph. Just a little more color added and history being made at the famous Mission Inn!

Mardon Jewelers is famous for the colors of our fine precious stones and our historic Raincross Collection of fine jewelry. The colors of our new Raincross design, the Technicolor Raincross, will be as bright as the plumage of our Mission Inn Macaws! Coming Soon! Pre-Order NOW for Christmas delivery!

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2 Responses to “Mission Inn Macaws at Mardon”

  1. Annie Wilson Says:

    Great article but in reference to the photo of Frank Miller and Amelia Earhart it is DeWitt Hutchings holding Napoleon….

  2. James L. Sweaney, CGA, FGA. GG Says:

    Annie- Thanks for the input. Guess I need to take the Mission Inn tour, and bone up on my history!

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