Remodeling a Platinum Engagement Ring

September 27th, 2013 by James L. Sweaney, CGA, FGA. GG

New 3-4 viewb
We just delivered this remodeled ring to the delight of our client. He came to us looking to buy a 2 carat diamond and to have a custom ring made. We had just recut a damaged and poorly cut 2.44 carat round diamond to the gorgeous 2.09 ideal cut stone shown– we offered it to him at a very advantageous price, but it took most of his budget.

He had a nice platinum ring with a CZ center, given to his fiance by her aunt. He wanted to use the materials to make a new ring. We explained that remelting his ring to make the new piece is not good practice, especially with platinum which is highly susceptible to contamination.

I’m not a fan of remodeling jewelry for several reasons. First and foremost, remodeled pieces usually look remodeled, not so beautiful. That’s because a well made piece of jewelry is made from the original jeweler’s concept and design. Coming in after the fact is like adding on a room to a house using a different architect and a new plan– the result can be a hodge podge.

Trying to compensate for poor craftsmanship and/or design is not a good way to start out, but after thinking about his ring, we came up with an idea and decided to give it a try.

His ring was a classic style, well made with good proportions, and nice diamonds.

z view b y view

The main setting had interesting intricate filigree work set with tiny diamonds and was the right size for the new center diamond. So the foundation for the new piece was solid, all we could ask for.
x view
He had seen a ring by Tacori that he liked and wanted a vintage look along those lines, but wider and with micro-pave.
Tacori Top
Jenny, our resident CAD/CAM genius, and I designed two new elements that could be welded to the existing ring. For this type of vintage style, the CAD design doesn’t really illustrate the finished product very well. The real work is done with the micro-pave diamond settings and hand engraving. We had to reassure our client that the ring would be just what he wanted.
Cad Proof
For this ring to succeed, we enlisted the services of our favorite platinum specialists at Varna. They are one of the best for platinum work, micro-pave, and hand engraving. The finished ring speaks for itself.

New Harold Z Y view double_edited-1 X view double_edited-1

At Mardon, we take on difficult jobs and accept challenges to make our clients happy. It requires patience and a willingness to take a chance, but it’s gratifying all around. Maybe that is why we’re known as the best jeweler in town!

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