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April 14th, 2009 by James L. Sweaney, CGA, FGA. GG

Did you know the Canada Goose is known to mate for life?  Did you know that when the Canada Goose migrates north and south in the classic V formation, each bird, bonded by loyalty and trust, contributes its strength to the group’s progress toward the common destination.

In response to customer requests for more eco-friendly and socially responsible products, Mardon now offers Canada Goose Diamonds.  Canada Goose is the brand of diamond established in 1998 to identify stones produced by Diaco, a major sightholder for the diamond crystals from the Diavik and Ekati mines of northern Canada.  Please, no jokes about Honkin’ diamonds!

Canadian diamonds are produced under environmental protection laws that are much stricter than those of Africa, Russia, and South America. Before diamond companies can build mines in Canada’s Arctic, they are required to make a careful assessment of the environmental impact and to demonstrate sustainability and low impact on the ecology, including vegetation, air, water and wildlife populations.  In addition, these mines must employ 70% local residents, and of that group of workers, 30% must be aboriginal.  These mines not only produce a superior diamond, they do it in a way that minimizes their impact on the fragile Arctic ecology, and they contribute to the local Arctic economy with dollars, commerce, schools, hospitals, and opportunity.

The diamond crystals from these Canadian mines are remarkably pure and transparent compared to other sources.  The Canada Goose Diamonds we have seen and graded ourselves have born this out.  We often recommend diamonds with clarity grades of SI1 as a good blend of price and beauty.  We were delighted to see that Canada Goose Diamonds graded SI1 usually had inclusions located at the edges of the stone rather than in the center —resulting in stones that are more bright and sparkly than many SI1 diamonds we’ve seen.

Each Canada Goose Diamond is cut to exacting standards for light performance and beauty.  Round diamonds are generally cut to Hearts & Arrows proportions for maximum brilliance and sparkle. All Canada Goose Diamonds are laboratory graded, either by GIA, AGS, IGI or Gem Scan. Each Canada Goose Diamond is laser inscribed with its own unique serial number and the trademarked Canada Goose logo to match that stone’s Certificate of Authenticity.


The Canada Goose Certificate of Authenticity states clearly the origin of each diamond, it’s unique serial number, and a full description of the cut, color, clarity, carat weight, shape and measurements for future reference and matching with other grading reports.  It’s your guarantee that the beautiful diamond you wear and cherish was mined and produced in Canada with respect for planet Earth.

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