Mardon Introduces FireMark to the Inland Empire

May 30th, 2012 by James L. Sweaney, CGA, FGA. GG

Mardon is proud to introduce the FireMark Princess Diamond to our community. We know this very special diamond will quickly make fans because of it’s outstanding beauty and value.

A recently granted U.S. Patent protects the unique features that separate FireMark from all other Princess cuts. A true gemological breakthrough, FireMark’s innovative cutting results in unprecedented sparkle.

The FireMark is the first and only Princess cut that consistently rivals an Ideal Cut round diamond in Fire, Brilliance, and Light Return. Firemark’s average 98% light return is truly remarkable– the typical princess manages only 80% on average.

FireMark innovations also result in its larger appearance for it’s weight and better durability. Best yet, the Firemark Princess is substantially more affordable, weight for weight, quality for quality than the round diamond.

All in all, for an enduring purchase like a diamond, we think your best buy is always the best quality you can afford. Each Firemark Princess Cut Diamond is accompanied by a GCAL Light Performance Analysis and a GIA Diamond Grading Certificate, and each is laser inscribed with the FireMark logo and ID so you’ll know your Firemark from all others.

Mardon is the exclusive source for the Firemark Princess Diamond for Riverside and the cities of the Inland Empire–they are not available through chain stores, discount malls, or on the internet. If you are considering purchasing a Princess diamond, give us a call or come by the shop, we’ll be happy to show you the most perfectly cut Princess Diamond there is…Period.



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