Art Deco Style Pendant– Custom Made!

February 21st, 2013 by James L. Sweaney, CGA, FGA. GG

We just delivered this lovely pendant, set with the diamonds from several treasured family pieces, to a very happy client. Her son had us make the pendant to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary, so it was a very nice occasion to deliver the new piece– both son and mother loved the new piece and she left our shop with tears of happiness in her eyes.

To begin the custom design process, we ask questions to get an idea of our client’s taste and preferences– she liked vintage jewelry, especially from the Art Deco period. We asked Mr. Google to show us some images and showed her a number of vintage Art Deco jewels on our handy dandy Ipad. From her responses, we were able to narrow the focus to an overall drop shape.

We drew up a few quick sketches to scale using her actual stone sizes. From her choice of the sketches, we developed the design in CAD. Our first CAD design didn’t quite work, so I did a rough revision in pencil from which our CAD wizard Jenny was able to create the perfect CAD design.

Jewelry like this custom piece is much more than just a collection of gems and metal– it represents personal relationships and commemorates the family. At Mardon, using the latest technology plus our inspiration and creativity, we work very hard to make sure your custom jewelry is memorable. Bring us your family pieces and we’ll create a treasure for you.

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