Vintage Road Runner Pin- Mr. Beep Beep

August 5th, 2011 by James L. Sweaney, CGA, FGA. GG



Mr. Beep Beep

We just acquired this wonderful vintage gold pin, exuberant with whimsy and imagination. If you have ever seen an actual roadrunner running along, you know that in addition to moving their feet very quickly, they also bob their long tail up and down to catch their balance. Ours does too!


The ingenious goldsmith who created this great piece was able to capture the essence of the road runner beautifully.  Mr. Beep Beep cruises along, his bright red ruby eye scanning for something tasty to eat or a place to hide, his tail a-bob, feet reaching for speed- compare the position of the front foot and the tail in this side by side image. The left photo shows Mr. Beep Beep in full stride with tail up, the right shows foot and tail down– and the really neat thing is that the parts move together.

You can see from the second photo that the movable foot and tail, both hinged separately, are linked by a little lever so they move in unison.

We think the 14K gold piece is Modern period, perhaps vintage 50′- 60’s or so. He’s really causing havoc in our vintage jewelry case, so please, someone, come in and take him home– He’s sure to draw attention, and you can make up your own stories about his escapades!

We are always looking for interesting vintage estate jewelry like this– bring us the items you wish to sell– our expert gemologists can value your pieces and offer a fair price at no charge to you. You know at Mardon, we’ll be sure to find your pieces a happy home!



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